Integration Advantages

Medical chiropractic integration (MD/DC & DC/PT) has multiple advantages. At Consultants of America we provide our clients with many services and advantages by developing a successful integrated clinic.

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Here are just some of the integration advantages gained from integrating your clinic:


One-Stop Shop

The patient, the most important asset of your practice, receives the most comprehensive care available in an ethical center.

Every Patient Benefits

In a multicare setting, patients with all types of healthcare problems will be treated even if the condition is strictly medical (e.g. medication refill, pregnancy tests, cholesterol checkup, etc.)

Limited Insurance Coverage

A fully, accredited medical setting is hardly ever restricted to patients medical conditions.

Greater Financial Reward

Across the country as a generally accepted established protocol, the MDC fee schedule is  much easier in collections given its comprehensive treatment approach.

Patients Are More Comfortable

98% of the whole population has been and continues to be seen by medical doctors and medical institutions. Owning a multidiscipline clinic will make you part of the widest and most prevalent healthcare system while keeping your philosophy intact.

HMO's, PPO's & IPA's

The managed care arena is set up to minimize expenses while improving the efficiency of its health care delivery system. In a DC/MD/PT rehab center, the best of all worlds is present to procure just what our future is demanding.

Patient Retention

Because our society has been so “ingrained” in believing that medicine is “the only” answer to all health issues, MD’s, DC’s and PT’s working together will prove that there are many alternative treatments for the same condition.


Multiple specialists working together in one setting have a greater understanding of a patients needs and conditions and therefore minimize and may even eliminate liabilities.


Our generation of patients expect only the “best of all worlds,” efficiency, timing and savings. The one-stop shop clinic can deliver the most unadulterated genuine care available.


Your center can develop as many entities as needed: ◦Medical: general medicine, neurology, physiatry, orthopedic care

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