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The success of a medical integrated clinic requires intense training to combine both holistic and medical care under one roof. Consultants of America‘s specialists have successfully coached hundreds of clinics nationally. This has been accomplished by implementing proper management while training doctors and chiropractors in all protocols. Consultants of America is pleased to provide a vast array of training videos to assist doctors, staff, patients and anyone else interested in providing the ultimate healthcare by combining medical, chiropractic and holistic care all in one center.

These expert training videos by our senior consultant Dr. Dahan are the product of decades of experience are taught rooted in the most ethical and moral concepts. Subjects covered in these videos include properly greeting patients, managing co-pays and deductibles, setting up efficient meetings, setting goals, management systems and many more critical subjects.

As a courtesy, we provide these videos for anyone who would like to learn and apply our knowledge for your success.

In order to get the most benefit be sure to watch the videos in the succession which they are posted. They have been created in a strategic fashion and follow a series of instructions and concepts which build upon each following video. Enjoy!

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