Our Unique Medical Chiropractic Integration

Consultants of America has created the clinic model of the future to answer the ever changing healthcare concerns through medical chiropractic integration.

What makes us unique

Consultants of America’s medical chiropractic integration is particular to your office setup. It is specifically customized according to your local demographics and specific need of your clinic. Our business model is heavily based on the doctor’s current health-care philosophy. Consultants of America teaches each doctor to offer patients the best treatments available for most medical and chiropractic conditions.

Consultants of America’s truly medical chiropractic integrated centers offer the ultimate alternative approach. We achieve this by giving you natural noninvasive approaches for the most aggressive treatment all under one roof.

Integration Programs Comprehensive Services Legalities of Integration

Medical Integration (MD/DC/PC)

Now is the most opportune time to broaden the scope of your practice in a legal and ethical way. As a result, Consultants of America is today’s top model for the integrated center. Each particular specialist (DC, MD, DO, PT …) will be trained to work diligently. Furthermore, this provides patients the most appropriate and necessary treatment within each doctor’s limitations. The multidiscipline center offers all your patients successful treatment.

This greatly anticipated concept gives rise to a new generation of healthcare philosophy called: “The patient philosophy!”

Business Management

Our business management concepts are simple, we literally take you through every step necessary. Therefore we cover billing, coding, hiring, firing, training, marketing, growth and more. Consultants of America supports you every single step of the way to ensure your success! Most of all, we are confident that we can strengthen your clinic to ultimate efficiency. Especially through both in management and medical treatments.

Finally, your clinic can become the premier diversified center in your area, and we can lead you and your clinic!

Now all you need is to take the call!

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