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Consultants of America, the nation’s leading integration consulting firm, provides our clients with the most comprehensive package of services and materials available today, using the latest research, technology, and advanced protocols. If you would like to view the comprehensive list of services click the link below:

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To begin to begin your successful journey of medical integration and become an elite member of Consultants of America you will first need to contact our office.
Phone: 1-888-673-2426
Video Chat: To enhance communication we are happy to provide a video meeting.

  • Our staff will promptly respond to your inquiry and contact you immediately to reserve the most convenient and earliest date available for your personal consultation.Our friendly support department will ship all your materials needed to initiate your clinic set-up.
  • We will then design a thorough customized demographic and complete analysis is developed for your office to target your marketing needs.
  • Our expert support staff will develop a specific detailed checklist by prioritizing the needs and development of your center.
  • Tentative scheduled weekly calls and effective communication pathways are established (email, web site, video conferencing, etc.)
  • Successful and progressive goals are then set and preliminary quarterly analytical plans are organized to help our clients maximize their potentials.
  • A comprehensive client kit with dvd training, manuals, HIPPA compliance programs, etc. is shipped to each new client.
  • National Synergy Seminars are carefully scheduled according to individual needs and location annually.

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