Integration Programs

3 Main Medical Integration Programs

Three main medical chiropractic integration programs are available for your various needs and levels of development. These multiple programs include: new doctor or center, satellite clinic, established integrated medical chiropractic center, and our platinum management program.

Integration Advantages Comprehensive Services Training Modules

Established Integrated Center

This module is particular for the fully already established medical chiropractic integrated center wishing to improve and maximize all services. This module includes a complete analysis and overall review of patient flow, procedures, managerial and clinical systems. Using this module the doctor expects to reach a much higher and greater level in running the clinic efficiently, while decreasing extraneous expenses and maximizing profitability.

Satellite Clinic

This unique program offers the opportunity to establish multiple satellite clinics. This module teaches and coaches intense managerial leadership skills while acquiring the tools to direct and manage multiple centers with limited investments and great resources.

Platinum Program

This particular module is strictly reserved for the few exceptionally successful doctors who want to learn and share ideas with some of the nation’s most proliferate health care centers. For doctors to be considered to join this elite exceptionally successful program the doctor must meet a list of strict requirements.

Multiple Treatment Protocols

Multiple Treatment Protocols

Integrated medical chiropractic clinics also have multiple program options to introduce their patients a wide variety of treatment protocols. COA makes all these programs available to each client. Below is a summary of available programs:

  • Pain management
  • Allergy testing
  • Complete medical integration
  • Trigger Point treatments
  • Endless medical referrals
  • Physical therapy implementation
  • Small/large joint regeneration
  • Comprehensive diagnostics procedures
  • Headache treatment (nasal injections)
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Medical weight loss management
  • Comprehensive knee program
  • In office drug testing
  • Rx dispensing
  • Physical medicine protocols
  • Physician training
  • Full staff sessions
  • Comprehensive customized marketing
  • Stem cell treatment

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