Dear Doctor,

Having practiced for many years early on in my career, I realized that the ultimate way to establish a successful practice is by always giving the patient the most comprehensive care available. Working as a single practitioner I often felt that my services were limited in the sense that hundreds of patients were not being allowed the opportunity to experience the benefits chiropractic care.

Indeed statistically speaking a very small portion of the American population ever visits a chiropractor. By the same token the largest percent of our population, and by far the majority, have been attended to by mainstream medical professionals minimizing the exposure to and benefits of chiropractic care.

Transitioning into an integrated center has brought hundreds of new patients and given everyone the opportunity to experience chiropractic care yet also allow access to allopathic medicine; all without any prejudice and all in one location. Indeed, in an integrated practice, there is seldom the need to seek outside expert opinions.  All doctors and therapists (DC, MD, PT…) work under one roof in unison collectively and with professional harmony.  I am proud and certainly delighted, to personally work in and have developed over the years a very successful and prolific medical center where patients with multiple conditions can be treated by dedicated professionals at a very reasonable cost.

We, at COA would love the opportunity and the privilege to help you in reaching your professional goals in the most legal, ethical, managerial, and profitable manner.  The time has come to make the change and take your clinic to highest level possible.


Dr. Joel M. Starr


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