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The success of our clinics is due to the ethical foundation which we train and coach our doctors and their staffs. At Consultants of America we believe that the ultimate healthcare paradigm must be efficient and ethical in all attributes for all patients concerned.

Our Pledge

Create worldwide medical chiropractic integrated clinics, owned and operated by dedicated doctors devoted to rendering 100% genuine unadulterated care to all people of all kinds, using expertise, knowledge, compassion, kindness, teamwork and love.

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Meet Our Consultants

Dr. Green

As a doctor/practitioner I am driven to give my patients the best care possible. Patients in my office are cared for by a team of doctors, each with their own area of specialty. Whenever appropriate, a patient is evaluated by a chiropractor, physical therapist, or physician…

A Letter From Dr. Green

Dr. Starr

Having practiced for many years early on in my career, I realized that the ultimate way to establish a successful practice is by always giving the patient the most comprehensive care available. Working as a single practitioner I often felt that my services were limited in the sense that hundreds of patients were not being allowed the opportunity to experience the benefits chiropractic care…

A Letter From Dr. Starr

Dr. Dahan

After practicing for many years as the owner/director of my own integrated centers, I developed my own unique managorial style which has been so beneficial to hundreds of doctors and their patients nationwide. Since 1994 I proudly assisted in establishing over 1256 integrated medical centers in 45 states…

A Letter From Dr. Dahan

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