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With over 21-years of consulting expertise we have compiled a guide to introduce you to successful integration.

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Before joining if you wish our consultant will comprehensively review your practice analysis to maximize your potential.


Consultants of America’s adept and qualified coaches speak to each client personally on a timely basis.


Weekly management calls are set up to develop proper planning.


An exhaustive library of webinars are created to teach and assist clients in training their staff.


Every necessary, valuable, and appropriate form is provided to each client.


After every conference call, a detailed goal planner is sent out to each client to monitor progress.

Video Resources

We provide a vast amount of information and knowledge as a courtesy for anyone who wants to learn more about management of medical integration for doctors, chiropractors, therapists and any other healthcare practitioners.

Consultants of America specializes in medical DC/MD/PT integration.

Integrating your chiropractic clinic into a multi-disciplinary clinic is one of the best ways to bring new patients to your office while still providing holistic care.

Broader Scope of Practice

Joining forces with additional specialists gives your clinic a competitive opportunity. This enables you to attract a larger percentage of the population and work with a larger medical community of healthcare representatives.

More Treatable Conditions

Medical integration adds the advantage of offering patients alternative healthcare solutions in your chiropractic office. Your integrated medical center will then be able to take whatever necessary steps are required to give the patients the best care for their conditions.

Better Insurance Plans

Most Americans today belong to some type of a plan which covers basic healthcare needs. By joining the larger medical community you will be able to provide these medically necessary services which would be otherwise be unavailable to your patients.

Our Team

Dr. Mayer N. Green


As a doctor/practitioner I am driven to give my patients the best care possible. Patients in my office are cared for by a team of doctors, each with their own area of specialty.

Dr. Joel M. Starr


Having practiced for many years early on in my career, I realized that the ultimate way to establish a successful practice is by always giving the patient the most comprehensive care available.

Dr. Daniel H. Dahan

Senior Consultant

Because I practiced full-time and have since I graduated, I became aware of the everyday changes the insurance companies are bringing.


The ethical manner in which the program is delivered makes the profitability all the more enjoyable! I would recommend this program to any doctor whose purpose is to adjust as many people as possible – profitably!

Dr. P.S.P.

As one of the many clients, I would like to share my enthusiasm and satisfaction. We recently completed the transformation of our clinic. With the excellent program established by Dr. Dahan, we were able to make the transition smoothly and effectively. The support we received from the staff was phenomenal. Whenever we had a question, all it took was a simple phone call to get the needed information.

Dr. P.L.

Practicing has become more enjoyable because we feel that we have at our fingertips the ability to provide a myriad of services to patients ensuring that they get high quality healthcare at a reasonable price. Interestingly enough, the conversion to a multidiscipline clinic requires little cost to implement allowing a higher profit margin.

Dr. A.W.


In life, what matter's most is not what you get, but what you become.

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